Project Veteran Muscle Schedules Push/Pull Competition for 2021

With one successful Strongman Competition in June 2020, Project Veteran Muscle is ready to hit the year 2021 fast and heavy. Nick Pinnt, the founder of Project Veteran Muscle reached out to me early last week with the idea of a “soft” unsanctioned push/pull event. Nick explained that he decided this because he wanted to begin a routine of having these events as well as establishing Project Veteran Muscle and a forefront competitor for powerlifting gyms in the area. Currently, Project Veteran Muscle is unmatched in gym size and professional powerlifting equipment in the better part of Southeast Wisconsin. 

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride and everyone is tired of this negativity. “Starting January 2021 working together and united on something like a weight lifting competition to encourage health and fitness would be a nice change.” Nick said while expressing his disgust over the current state of unrest in our society. Project Veteran Muscle has scheduled this competition on January 16, 2020, with a 10:00 AM weigh-in, and an 11:00 AM start. Competitors can register for the competition below. All other inquiries, please email

DATE:         Wednesday, January 16th, 2021 

PLACE:         Project Veteran Muscle       

                       901 Maxwell St.

                       Lake Geneva, WI 53128

WEIGH INS:   10:00 AM – Date of Competition     

RULES:        Given after weigh-ins. No ELBOW SLEEVES, NO SHIRTS, NO SLING SHOTS, STRAPS, SUITS.  WRIST WRAPS,  Neoprene knee sleeves, &  BELT OK, RAW RAW RAW!

CONTEST:        Lifting begins at 11:00 AM Bench first, Deadlift follows.


WEIGHT CLASS:        Men:        114  123  132  148  165  181  198  220  242  259  275  308  SHW

                                      Women:   97 105 114 123 132 148  165 181 198 220 242 Unlimited

DIVISIONS:        Youth: 12 & under; Teen (13-19) Mens Open (ANY AGE) Masters (40+)

ENTRY FEE:        $40 Teen, $50 Adult, (Late Registration:  $50 Teen, $60 Adult), 2nd Division $25 (both bench and deadlift )  (Call or Register Ahead!)  For example:  If a teen enters by the deadline and wants to do both bench and deadlift, that person would pay $65, Adults would pay $75.

AWARDS:       1st place winners will be published on the Project Veteran Muscle website as well as the social platforms with your tag and share to brag…

Please Include $25 if you’d like a T-shirt.  Please choose your size when completing the registration form.

There will be a Deadlift 1.5x bodyweight for reps for $5 following the meet and before the awards presentation.   Cost is $5.00 per person for this event with the winner taking all!

Registration deadline is prior to weigh-ins.